Are You Math Challenged?

Real Estate Math Videos

Finally, there's a course for you.
es, You Can Learn Real Estate Math!

If you struggle with math, maybe it's because the teacher goes too fast and you miss an important step.
Maybe you didn't have a good math teacher in school and were embarrased and just froze in math classes.
With these real estate math videos, you can watch as many times as you need.
Each question is worked and the explanation is given for every question.

We invite you to watch the first 10 minutes!


The course includes:
Brokerage Math Video - 25 Minutes
Finance Math Video - 25 Minutes
Taxation Math Video - 25 Minutes
Area Math Video - 25 Minutes
Appriasal Math I - 24 Minutes
Appraisal Math II - 18 Minutes
Appraisal Math III - 15 Minutes
Settlement Math Video - 37 Minutes
Property Math Video - 10 Minutes
There are additional questions for you to practice after you have watched the video.
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Yes, You Can Learn Real Estate Math Course Without the Videos
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