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Modern Real Estate Practice Book

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"Very professional presentation of materials. Instructor is very knowledgeable of subject matter and was excellent in her delivery of information."

"I would definitely recommend Joyce Bea Sterling to anyone interested in getting a real estate license. It is obvious by her friendly attitude and personality that she loves what she does and she makes learning enjoyable."

"This was a wonderful course. Joyce is an amazing instructor and gave such good examples of situation to make understanding the concepts much easier. I very much enjoy every second of this course and will highly recommend it. I look forward to taking the CE classes she teaches in the future." 

Modern Real Estate Practice Book


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Modern Real Estate Practice BookModern Real Estate Practice Book



Modern Real Estate Practice Book is considered by many real estate instructors as the best book for teaching a prelicense class! Why? Because it is the 18th edition and was first purblished over 50 years ago.

It is considered by many prelicense instructors as the authoritive publication for prelicense classes. Why? Because this is the 18th edition and it has been edited by the "Who's Who" of the real estate industry.

It contains end-of the chapter tests, an extensive glossary, two practice tests with 80 questions on each test. Pluse you have access to the book and tests online. There is a customized Student Test Builder to create your own tests.

There are two parts to the book - Real Estate Principles and Real Estate Practice.

This is a book that you will keep for a reference after you pass your exam!

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Real Estate Business
Chapter 2: Real Property and the Law
Chapter 3: Concepts of Home Ownership
Chapter 4: Agency
Chapter 5: Real Estate Brokerage
Chapter 6: Listing Agreements and Buyer Representation
Chapter 7: Interests in Real Estate
Chapter 8: Forms of Real Estate Ownership
Chapter 9: Legal Descriptions
Chapter 10: Real Estate Taxes and other Liens
Chapter 11: Real Estate Contracts
Chapter 12: Transfer of Title
Chapter 13: Title Records
Chapter 14: Real Estate Financing: Principles
Chapter 15: Real Estate Financing: Practice
Chapter 16: Leases

Chapter 17: Property Management
Chapter 18: Real Estate Appraisal
Chapter 19: Land-Use Controls and Property Development
Chapter 20: Fair housing and Ethical Practices
Chapter 21: Environmental Issues and the Real Estate Transaction
Chapter 22: Closing the Real Estate Transaction
Chapter 23: Real Estate Investment
Appendix 1: State Statutes Web Links
Appendix 2: Web Links
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Sample Examinations
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