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Teach Your Children to Live with Courage and Love!

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"Very professional presentation of materials. Instructor is very knowledgeable of subject matter and was excellent in her delivery of information."

"I would definitely recommend Joyce Bea Sterling to anyone interested in getting a real estate license. It is obvious by her friendly attitude and personality that she loves what she does and she makes learning enjoyable."

"This was a wonderful course. Joyce is an amazing instructor and gave such good examples of situation to make understanding the concepts much easier. I very much enjoy every second of this course and will highly recommend it. I look forward to taking the CE classes she teaches in the future." 

Raising Kids Who Can Protect Themselves



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A Dynamic Program for Empowering Children to Protect Themselves

In Raising Kids Who Can Protect Themselves, Debbie and Mike Gardner share their decades of self-defense experience to show parents how to teach their children courage—the trait needed to make brave, smart, and safe choices, no matter what their age, no matter what the situation. Raising Kids Who Can Protect Themselves helps families foster courage in their children at an early age so that it becomes an inherent trait, rather than a situational need. The book features:

  • Age-appropriate methods to instill courage in children without creating fear
  • Courage coaching as a way to create a “family” defense system
  • Lifesaving skills, such as quality eye contact, voice control, breathing, control of inappropriate crying, development of positive self-talk, and space awareness
  • Ways to reduce children’s vulnerability
  • Site-specific survival strategies, from parties to the mall to sports practice

"Every time I watch the nightly news, I thank God my wife and children have been trained by Debbie and Mike Gardner. Please, please, please read this book as a family.

You will learn how to avoid the most dangerous situations and fight your way out of the rest. We live in a very different world today—arm your family with the power of this book."

Cris Collinsworth, Emmy Award Winning Sports Commentator for Fox/HBO Sports

"This book is brave, bold and one of the most important books I’ve read in a long time.

A must for parents everywhere."

Doug Hall, Author of Jump Start Your Business Brain

Self Defense DVD"This 3 hour DVD will change your life. It is empowering and you will make everyone you love watch it"  
Joyce Bea Sterling



3 Hour Crime Survival Class to Take in the Comfort of Your Home!
Watch Debbie and Mike teach in front of a live audience!

With a unique blend of humor and explicit choices,  the 3 -word  “BST” plan will teach you:

  • Turn the FREEZE of fear into explosive strength
  • Clever choices to prevent major crime “set ups”
  • WHEN you have the right to fight physically
  • ONE strike that STOPS even drugged attackers
  • ONE choice to survive an unstoppable armed assailant

"If you only take one self defense class in your life this should be it! Debbie and Mike Gardner have my highest recommendation. Five Stars -  Triple A - You name it!  They deserve it! Real estate can be a dangerous business and you really do need to watch this DVD with your family, friends and co-workers!"   
Joyce Bea Sterling

Crime Survival Book



Simply the BeST Crimie Survival Book

Learn how to prevent an attack and how to survive an armed physical assault. "Simply the BST Crime Survival" is more than an "how to book" it is also a "why" book.  

Kubotan Picture


KUBOTAN® Handle for Keys

Visualize a standard sized "magic marker" attached to your key ring!

A Kubotan® provides a wonderful "GRIP" for emotional control when you are afraid. In a desperate life-saving act, either end of the Kubotan® serves as a valuable weapon to strike an attacker. Simple instructions are included.

Please note. This is a martial arts weapon and CANNOT be taken on a plane.

Debbie Gardner is a Courage Coach

From the Classes of Debbie Gardner...

The question isn’t: “Can you save your life?”

The question is: “Will you try?”

People want simple truths that they can apply immediately and can also take home to teach to their children and family members.

CHOOSE COURAGE! is NOT a demonstration or selling opportunity for traditional crime prevention products like pepper sprays, stun guns, etc.

It’s NOT about complicated karate-type moves, boring crime statistics, scary crime tales and unrealistic safety rhetoric. (Never walk along, don’t talk to strangers, use your common sense!)

It is about the BST© Crime Survival Plan!

It can be rapidly learned and easily remembered!

It does work effectively for most people, most of the time!

It requires full responsibility for one’s own safety at all times!

About Debbie and Mike

Debbie was the first female police officer in Cincinnati, Ohio in the 1970s and Mike was one of her co-workers. With a black-belt and police training, the frist time she was attacked, she froze! She tells the story on her DVD, so I don't want to spoil it for you.

This is not your traditional self-defense class or books. They teach Courage with Love, and action steps that you can take to protect yourself. If you buy every product on this page it would be less than $80...and the information could save your life, or the life of someone you love.

Yes, they teach live classes and their fees are reasonable.
Just send me an email for complete information. 2MyClasses@gmail.com
See below for Read More Testimonials Here and companies who have hired them.

Read More Testimonials Here

Dear Karla,

Debbie and Mike were amazing. I have NEVER witnessed a more captivated audience
in my whole career working with various associations and events (15+ years).

I've seen several types of speakers - but this was a very powerful and educational session and yet, at the same time, Debbie kept it very fun. We even had some attendees request to bring guests or children to see it.

Anyway - I can't say enough about them. On the management side of things - they were very easy and super to work with. If you are considering them for an event - I doubt that you would not feel the same. I would be glad to answer any questions or provide more input if needed.

Tracy S

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