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"Very professional presentation of materials. Instructor is very knowledgeable of subject matter and was excellent in her delivery of information."

"I would definitely recommend Joyce Bea Sterling to anyone interested in getting a real estate license. It is obvious by her friendly attitude and personality that she loves what she does and she makes learning enjoyable."

"This was a wonderful course. Joyce is an amazing instructor and gave such good examples of situation to make understanding the concepts much easier. I very much enjoy every second of this course and will highly recommend it. I look forward to taking the CE classes she teaches in the future." 

Missouri Estate Exam Study Materials
Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam
Real Estate Math Videos
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These materials are to help you prepare for the national section of the real estate exam, which is the section that most people find challening. State specific law questions are not available.

Choice 1: Pass MY Real Estate Exam Prep Videos
Choice 2: Real Estate Math Videos
Choice 3: Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Exam Book

Spanish Real Estate Exam Prep Videos - Complete Info Here

Choice 1
Our Number 1 BEST Selling Real Estate Exam Prep

Pass MY Real Estate Exam Videos - National or General Section There's a lot of info here.
Please scroll down to read it all! 










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"Joyce, of all the real estate study aids that are available, yours are absolutely the best. I studied and I passed! Thank you!"

Have you ever seen a television commercial and then heard the commercial while you were driving?

Remember how you could see the commercial in your mind's eye even though you were driving and listening?

It's that same concept that's makes the Pass MY Real Estate Exam Videos a powerful method of study!

Watch the videos, download the audio files and LEARN!

These videos were created by analyzing the topics on the content outlines from AMP, PSI and Pearson VUE. The content is current. The real estate exam videos and test questions review the national or general sections of the exam,
which is the area that most people find a challenge.

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Topics Covered in the Pass MY Real Estate Exam Videos:

Agency - Buyer Agency - Listings - Appraisal - Contracts - Deeds
Environmental Issues - Federal Laws - Fair Housing - Finance
Do NOT Call Laws - Can SPAM Laws - Investments - Legal Descriptions
Liens - Mortgage Clauses - Property Management
Leases - Rights and Interests - Titles - Zoning - New TRID Laws

34 Videos - 6 to 15 minutes in length
34 Downloadable Audio Files
Over 650 Real Estate Exam Test Questions with Explanations
Exam Strategy PDF Booklet - Learn to Analyze the Question Formats

You have access to the site for 90 days or until you pass.
If you need more time to study there is never an additional charge.

When you click the Add to Cart button you will be directed to www.PassMYRealEstateExam.com where our Learning Management System is located. Next, click Proceed to Checkout. Upon payment you will have immediate access to the study materials.

Special - $49.00 - Immediate Access - National or General Topics found on the Content Outline of the Brokers and Sales Exam

Choice 2

Are You Math Challenged?
Finally, there's a complete course for you!

Yes, You Can Learn Real Estate Math!
If you struggle with math, maybe it's because the teacher goes too fast and you miss an important step.
Maybe you didn't have a good math teacher in school and were embarrased and just froze in math classes.
With these real estate math videos, you can watch as many times as you need.
Each question is worked and the explanation is given for every question.
We invite you to watch the first 10 minutes to see how much you learn! 


The course includes:
Brokerage Math Video - 25 Minutes
Finance Math Video - 25 Minutes
Taxation Math Video - 25 Minutes
Area Math Video - 25 Minutes
Appriasal Math I - 24 Minutes
Appraisal Math II - 18 Minutes
Appraisal Math III - 15 Minutes
Settlement Math Video - 37 Minutes
Property Math Video - 10 Minutes
There are additional questions for you to practice after you have watched the video.
Happy July Sale - $19.99

When you click the Add to Cart button you will be directed to
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After your payment has been processed look in the upper RIGHT corner for My Student Center.
Just follow the prompts to be taken to your course.
Yes, You Can Learn Real Estate Math Course Without the Videos
Happy July Sale - $14.99

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Choice 3

AMP Real Estate Exam Book Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Sales Exam

This is the newest edition.

Based on the AMP Content Outline - National Section

Over 850 practice questions with explanations
Each unit consists of a 70-question review and matching quiz.
Two additional 110-questions exams
Key Point Review-to-Go

Shipped by Priority Mail

Agency - Contracts - Real Property - Ownership Interests - Finance
Legal Descriptions - Appraisal - Deeds - Titles - Environmental Issues
Do NOT Call Laws - Fair Housing - Property Management - Leases
Joyce Bea Sterling wrote the first exam guide for the AMP real estate exam in 1996. She's considered an authority on this exam. 

$45.75 - Includes Shipping
Sent by Priority Mail - Arrives in most locations within 3 business days.