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"Very professional presentation of materials. Instructor is very knowledgeable of subject matter and was excellent in her delivery of information."

"I would definitely recommend Joyce Bea Sterling to anyone interested in getting a real estate license. It is obvious by her friendly attitude and personality that she loves what she does and she makes learning enjoyable."

"This was a wonderful course. Joyce is an amazing instructor and gave such good examples of situation to make understanding the concepts much easier. I very much enjoy every second of this course and will highly recommend it. I look forward to taking the CE classes she teaches in the future." 

Broker Simulation Exam



Guide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Broker Simulation ExamGuide to Passing the AMP Real Estate Broker Simulation Exam
by Joyce Bea Sterling

  This book has been discontinued by the publisher.

The Broker Simulation Exam will be taken in the following states:
Alabama - Georiga - Illinois - Missouri - Montana - Nebraska
New Hampshire - North Carolina - North Dakota - South Dakota - Washington - Wyoming

Prepare for the AMP Real Estate Broker Simulation Exam.

This book includes an introduction to broker simulations, a review of each section topic in the new broker simulation content outline, and information on what type of state-specific information will be expected.

The guide also includes a CD-ROM with 12 broker simulation questions.

This CD-ROM is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, and Mac OS.
Recommended minimum: 128 MB RAM, 1024 x 768 screen resolution with true color 24-bit.

Chapter 1: Agency
Chapter 2: Contracts
Chapter 3: Freeholds and Leaseholds
Chapter 4: Property Management
Chapter 5: Finance
Chapter 6: Government Regulations and Private Restrictions
Chapter 7: Description and Measurement
Chapter 8: Valuation
Chapter 9: Conveyance
Chapter 10: Ethical Behavior
Chapter 11: Calculations
Appendix A: State-Specific Questions to Know
Appendix B: Forms

Hi Joyce!

I passed the test today and I wanted to let you know that I thought your book and simulation CD were incredible! I honestly wouldn't change anything. Your book was easy to read and highlighted the most important information. The simulations were very much like those presented on the exam and really helped to prepare me. As you know, I was very nervous about my in-class review session being cancelled, but I think your materials were even better.

Thanks again for your quick response last week. I think you saved me! :)

BK - Nebraska

The only state that we have state specific material for the state law section of your exam is Illinois.

Illinois Real Estate Exam Law Review BookIllinois Real Estate Exam Law Review Book

Newest Edition


This book is designed specifically to help you pass the state law questions on your exam!

Broker and Sales Associates State Law Questions from Topics on the AMP Content Outline

250 Illinois Real Estate Exam State Law Questions with Explanations

References to State Statutes and Administrative Regulations